Do you suffer from Diminished Car Value?

Knowing the value of your vehicle is important.

Diminished Car Value is the value of your vehicle after an accident.  If your car was worth $30,000 prior to your accident and all repairs have been completed, is your car still worth the same $30,000?

The answer is no, it has lost value because of being in an accident.

When you contact us, we start with a consultation to determine the amount of damage and what it will entail to repair.

Our consultants perform a diagnostic review of your loss and all documentation from your insurance carrier.

All of this information helps us deliver a series of recommendations. We review the settlement offer from the insurance company and based on our evaluation, help you decide if it is a adequate offer.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters and carriers don’t always act in the best interest of the policyholders.

That is why we are here, to help you determine if you are being offered a fair settlement after your accident. Remember, the insurance company is in business to turn a profit and they view damage to your property differently than you. Sometimes the offer is much less than the actual cost of restoring the damaged property. They may even determine that you are not covered for some of the damage.

That is where an expert, using the same software as the insurance carrier, understands the language being used in order to help.

We have experience in handling these type of claims. We know how to handle disputes in virtually all areas of vehicle damage. Our professionals have extensive experience in handling claims, proper repair costs, damages and unpaid expenses. We can guide you through the entire process and make sure you get what you are owed.

Negotiations are key to insurance disputes.

If you are acting alone on your claim, you may not know, or understand, what the insurance company is actually offering. In a recent inspection, the insurance company had a dispute with the auto body shop on additional damage and expense. Although 95% of the repairs had been done, they couldn’t agree on the fixed price. Our experts were hired to assess the cost involved in the final repairs. The consultant did an analysis and negotiated a reasonable deal for both parties. This is an example of how important it is to have an expert representing you in this kind of situation.

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Diminished Car Value

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