Diminished Value Appraiser

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My name is Eric Meyer. I am a diminished value appraiser based in Northern California.

I bring over 30 years of experience to help you get the proper repair and appraisal for your vehicle.

Loss of Value Claim

Have you recently been in an accident?

Do you need someone to investigate the repair work performed on your vehicle? Well, you’re in luck! This is exactly what I do.

At DiminishedValueCA.com, we provide a comprehensive selection of services including:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Post repair inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Total loss evaluations
  • And many more services

Are you concerned about your vehicle’s value after repair?

You are not alone. Hundreds of men and women have come to us because they are unsure about the repair work performed on their vehicle.

Diminished Value Appraisers

Diminished Value Appraisers know the inner workings.

Issues can arise regarding the value before and after repairs. This happens when the insurance adjuster makes a mistake.

You need someone who will Expert for you best interests.

Let me share some of the the unfortunate facts of auto accidents affect your vehicle:

  1. Always – The value of your vehicle will diminish.
  2. Most of the time – The the repair work isn’t properly done.
  3. Sometimes – Your vehicle will still have structural damage.
diminished value assessment

The Work of a Diminished Value Appraiser

When looking for a diminished value appraiser, California residents trust me to get them the highest value assessed. Our commitment is to protect the consumer.

This protection begins with providing you with tools to assess the repair of your vehicle.

To expedite your claim, we have a list of products and services to order online.

However, please note that every situation is unique and will take time to get the best resolutions possible.

Would you like to first discuss your needs on the phone?

Please give us a call today.

Sometimes it’s quicker to just talk to a real person and find out what is truly possible in a given situation.

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