Diminished Value of California can help you with your diminished value California.

Understanding your rights and what you have coming to you can be quite complicated. Having an expert on your side can make all of the difference. Don’t go it alone, let us guide you every step of the way.

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Expert Claims Witness

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert has the experience to deal with insurance companies. We provide you with an expert claims witness and as a result most times cases will be settled without having to file a law suit. On the occasion when a claim cannot be settled to your satisfaction and in that case we help negotiate a proper settlement with the insurance company. A expert claim witness includes:

  • Witness in small claims court appearance.
  • Service is for morning or afternoon session only
  • Trial expert claim witness
  • Must have purchased another service prior to court date. Will provide written review of our findings.
  • Designation of expert will be proceeded by a retainer to your lawyer and payment of $500 retainer.

Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert be your Expert Claims witness when you need us the most.

Investigation & Consultation

In almost any situation, it’s best to get experts involved as quickly after an accident as possible. Expert help does come at a cost and many people choose to handle their claim themselves. That’s ok, some are successful, but many are not! When it comes to insurance claims, a policyholder should never sign anything given to them that they are not completely comfortable with.

Hire an expert at the right time.

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Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert help you get what you are owed! Just because your vehicle has been repaired doesn’t mean it’s restored!

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