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When you wreck your vehicle, it is no longer worth what it was prior to the accident, even after all repairs are completed.
Are you prepared to deal with the insurance company to get what you are owed? It is not an easy task to deal with the insurance company under normal circumstances, let alone after an accident.

Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert work with you and get what you are owed from your insurance company. Diminished value estimate is the difference between the value of your vehicle pre-accident and the value after all repairs have been completed.

Diminished Value Myth

Diminished Value Estimate: The Diminished Value CA Way

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert inspects vehicles than have sustained damage and have already been repaired. With no doubt the most valuable of all services that we preform is the port repair inspection. This inspection ensures the repairs have been done and done correctly.

Improperly repaired, improperly diagnosed and under repaired vehicles may prevent your vehicle from preforming properly. These failures may cause the safety systems in your vehicle to either not preform or to preform improperly, potentially causing harm to anyone in the vehicle in an accident.

diminished value

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert – Your Advocate for You and Your Damaged Vehicle.

Our post repair inspection report includes:

  • Review the insurance and/or body shop estimate of record.
  • Physical inspection of the vehicle
  • Photo evidence of any improper repairs or remaining damage.
  • Inspection & measurement of paintwork to confirm matching of existing color.
  • Review repaired area to confirm buffing/polishing and gloss finish has been performed properly
  • Ensure all residue has been cleaned & removed
  • Narrative report outlining any remaining damage or improper repairs.
  • Completed “Notice Of Deficiency” for you to give to your insurance company outlying omitted items & procedures.
  • Letters to responsible repair facility about the defects highlighted in the post repair inspection.

Vehicles are complex rolling computers with sensors & modules to control the vehicles many moving parts. All of this is connected to each other in some fashion, making sure all sensors, modules and connecting parts are, not just fixed, but fixed to factory specifications. It is imperative that the structural pieces such as the unibody is properly replaced. The diminished value estimate will help ensure your vehicle has been properly repaired and your vehicle is safe.

Don’t go it alone, let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert help you get what you are owed from your insurance company!

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