I am a Diminished Value Expert.

By inspecting Collision repairs, I am able to assure the safety of your family. In an inspection I verify that the repair shop and Insurance Company used proper parts and Structurally approved process to confirm your vehicle meets manufactures specifications, as well as current highway safety laws.

My job is to review your claim, the repairs, and to perform the actual vehicle inspections.

I am a certified repair expert with over 30 years experience in the collision and auto repair industry. Based on my expertise, sometimes I find that the Insurance Company may owe you additional money as a result of poor workmanship by the shop that they recommended.  In some cases the shops are Direct Repair facilities (DRP) for the insurance company.  When a shop signs that agreement they are acting as the inspector for the insurance company.  The shop estimators are rated based on severity of the claims they process for that insurance company.  Severity is the amount of damage per claim.  If the severity is too high the shop will be removed from the DRP program.

We find that 70 to 90% of all vehicles are not repaired correctly. Thus we uncover many vehicles that can be declared total losses after repairs are complete. My  post repair inspection service can be offered at no cost to the customer.

My goal at Diminished Value California is to make sure that vehicles are being repaired under safety guidelines and that your vehicle is returned to you at pre-accident condition in regards to function, safety and appearance.

The law firms that hire me to perform professional services can compensate me.  In addition to making sure auto repair facilities are doing their jobs correctly; we are also making sure that the Insurance Companies are not taking advantage of their customers.

What Happens To Cars After An Accident

Lose Value 100%
Improperly Repaired 75%
Have Structural Damage 35%