What is Diminished Value Sacramento?

Diminished Value has been referred to as the best kept secret in the Insurance Industry. Did you know that even if your car has been repaired you could still be entitled to a check from the insurance company for the Diminished Value?

If you’ve already settled with the insurance company you can still can file a separate diminished value claim.

What Happens To Cars After An Accident

Lose Value 100%
Improperly Repaired 75%
Have Structural Damage 35%

Diminished value is the difference in value between a vehicle with an accident history and the same type of vehicle without an accident history. It’s the depreciated value of an automobile by an accident, collision or comprehensive loss (fire, flood, hail, animal, vandalism).

FACT: A wrecked and repaired vehicle will always be inferior to, and have less value than an undamaged counterpart.

Courts have stated that vehicles involved in an accident suffer an inherent reduction in value, and that efficient repairs could not return said vehicle to its pre-accident condition or value.

Most buyers will pay less for a car that has been in an accident, even if the repairs look as good as new. Buyers worry that additional risks and unknowns inherent with purchasing a car that has been in a wreck may crop up in the future to haunt them.

How does Eric Meyer Automotive Expert Help You?

We provide a professional Diminished Value appraisal to prove that your Insurance Company still owes you money. Our report will include all the documentation required to support the fact that your vehicle has sustained a loss in its value including the amount you are owed.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert –

Your Advocate for diminished value Sacramento!

Our Diminished Value Appraisal Inspection and Full Report Includes:

  • Full review and detailed inspection of your repair invoice and other documents provided by you.
  • Perform visual and measured inspection of the vehicle for the extent of damage.
  • Operate all options and safety related equipment for related damage caused by the accident.
  • Access inspection panels for evaluation and evidence of kinetic damage caused from the impact.
  • Detailed inspection for suspension damage caused by the accident.
  • Inspect for evidence of structure damage and repair correction.
  • Perform vehicle road test.
  • Contact repair facility to confirm factory repair or replacement standards. Obtain printed evidence and or documents.
  • Determine the pre-damage value of your vehicle.
  • Determine the level of repair diminished value.
  • Professional Diminished Value Report that includes all supporting documentation to settle your claim.
  • Make contact with insurance claims office or forward to your lawyer per our agreement.


Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert get you the

Compensation you are entitled to today!

What are you waiting for Sacramento? 

Diminished Value Report

  • Analyze the insurance and/or the repair facility estimate of record
  • Review submitted photographs of damage
  • Establish the level of loss in value. 
  • Analysis of Value of Vehicle based on standard condition.
  • Discounted Diminished Value Appraisal Report

* Not available for exotic or luxury, or other speciality classified vehicles. ( contact us for details )

**This service DOES NOT include any inspection of the vehicle or repairs**