DV stands for diminished value. A vehicle value will be reduced or “diminished” after an accident even if the vehicle is properly repaired.

Diminished Value Myth

Five Myths About Diminished Value You Must Know  

Has your car lost value after an accident? Let’s face it, when an accident happens you are never prepared. Accidents only happen to someone else; after all you’re a good driver. There’s no reason to worry. AND, just because of the last statement, most people in an accident caused by someone else have no idea…

aftermarket parts diminish value

Aftermarket Parts Diminish Value

Have you been in a fender bender lately? I don’t mean anything gnarly, but maybe just a little hit to your bumper. If so, you may have damaged more than your bumper. You might not see where this would have anything to do with Diminished Value, but let’s take a quick look.   Let’s just say…

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After a Collision Will My Car Be The Same?

You had the green light, but the other driver just wasn’t paying attention. Screeching brakes, time seems to slow down, and then the horrible sound of the impact. When you least expect it, you have been involved in a car accident. You have escaped  injury and must deal with the damage to your vehicle, get…