If you have wrecked your vehicle, you may have a Loss of Value Claim.

If you are in an accident, you may have a loss of value claim on your vehicle. You vehicle may be worth less compared to same year make and model that has not been in an accident. This is a loss of value claim.

Why is this?

When buying a used car you would not pay the same for a vehicle that has been wrecked verses one that has not be involved in an accident.

The difference between the non-wrecked vehicles value and the value of the wrecked one is the diminished value.

Loss of Value Claim

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert- We are your Expert for you and your Loss of Value Claim.

Loss of Value Claim

When you work with us your diminished value appraisal inspection and report includes:

  • Preform a visual and measured inspection to see the extent of damage.
  • Full review of your repair invoice
  • Check all safety related equipment for damage related to the accident.
  • Access the inspection panels for evaluation of kinetic damage from the impact.
  • Inspection for suspension damage caused by the accident.
  • Inspect for structure damage and repair correction.
  • Vehicle road test.
  • Contact repair facility to verify factory repair or replacement standards. (this includes printed documentation.
  • Determine pre-damage value of your vehicle
  • Determine the diminished value.
  • Prepare diminished Value Appraisal Report. Including all documentation to settle claim.
  • Make contact with your insurance claims office or forward to your lawyer depending on our agreement.

We will provide you will all the documentation required to prove that your vehicle has sustained a loss in value and your insurance company still owes you money. 

We will help you settle your loss of value claim. That is what a diminished value appraisal report provides. As you can see it can be very complex so going it alone isn’t always advised.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert works with you to ensure you get the money you are owed!

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Expert Consult Package Repair to Final Inspection

  • Inspect at repair facility to confirm factory repair or replacement standards. Obtain printed evidence and or documents.
  • Perform visual and measured inspection of the vehicle to determine the extent of damage.
  • Access inspection panels for evaluation and evidence of kinetic damage caused from the impact.
  • Detailed inspection for suspension damage caused by the accident.
  • Inspect for evidence of structure damage and repair correction.
  • Full review and detailed inspection of your repair invoice and other documents provided.
  • Photographs of damage and repair process
  • Additional inspection During Repairs
  • Notice of Deficiency presented shop and Insurance Company
  • Final Inspection after Completed Repairs
  • Determine the level of repair diminished value.
  • Determine the pre-damage value of your vehicle.
  • Professional Diminished Value Appraisal Report