Property Damage Claims Management Service

Like any situation, it’s always best to get professionals involved as early in the process as possible.  Professional help does come with a cost and many policyholders make the decision to handle their claim themselves. Some are successful, but many become bogged down in the process and are never really sure they received the proper settlement amount. With insurance claims, a policyholder should be aware they DO NOT agree to or sign anything presented to them by their insurance carrier that they are not totally comfortable with.


Hire an Expert at the Right Time


Eric is a professional that policyholders hire to represent their best interests in a property insurance claim situation. Collision repair inspections help level the playing field with the insurance adjuster and provide the policyholder an expert Expert. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent out by the insurance company, our Diminished Value California Inspector works for you.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should Hire an Expert consultant:

Diagnostic Review

Our expert consultants perform a complete diagnostic review of your loss and all current documents and reports or appraisals from insurance carrier. This diagnostic helps us deliver a series of recommendations.   When the insurance carriers settlement offer appears to be inadequate based on your coverage. Unfortunately, insurance company adjusters and carriers do not always act in the best interest of their policyholders. They are in business to turn a profit and may value damages to your property differently than you. Or they may determine that you are not covered for some of the damage. Sometimes offers will not even approach the value of restoring the damaged property. This is where an expert who uses the same estimating software as the insurance carrier and understands insurance policy language can help.

Experience in Handling Claims

Experienced expert inspectors work on disputes in virtually all areas of vehicle damage They have extensive experience on claims related to proper repair costs, damages, unpaid expenses, cost, delay damages and so much more. Irrespective of how simple or complicated your case is, these types of experts can help.

Understanding Technical Jargon

Every insurance claim is loaded with technical jargon, especially when claims adjusters write it. Some adjusters who draw up these claims prefer to write the documents only in a language that another adjuster can understand. Unfortunately, for people like you because this is all new, wading through this jargon is difficult. A wrong understanding of the claim can cost you more money and time. By hiring a claims consultant, you’ll get a clear understanding of the claim and your policy rights.

Take the Right Course of Action

There are many types of vehicle claims, so the right course of action varies with the type of the claim and other surrounding factors. To make the right decisions, you need a consultant who is capable of performing detailed analysis of your case. Based on this analysis, he or she will make the appropriate recommendations to save you time, money and confirm the safety of your vehicle.

On Top of Changing Laws

Do you know the recent updates made to your own insurance policy? Insurance policy coverage and claims process are ever changing to keep pace with the changing business environment. An expert claims consultant stays on top of these changes, so they are in a better position to make the right suggestions for you. Unfortunately, the current insurance coverage system we have is optimized around revenue and profits – not safety and quality.  The insurance adjusters and carriers do not always act in the best interest of their policyholders.

Experience in Negotiations

Negotiations are a key aspect of insurance disputes—you need the best negotiators to get the best settlement. In a recent collision inspection, the insurance company and the auto body shop had a dispute over additional damage and expense. The auto body shop had completed 95 percent of the repair, but they could not agree on a fixed price. So, they hired an expert to assess the reasonable costs involved in the repair. The consultant did a detailed analysis and brokered a favorable deal for both the parties. This goes to show the importance of having an experienced consultant by your side for tough negotiations.

Liability Insurance Explained

Liability insurance can cover the costs of damages, attorney fees, and any other costs associated with negligence-based lawsuits that may be filed against you. Liability insurance does not cover claims based on employment practices, intentional acts, or a breach of contract.

Automobile liability insurance comes in two types: bodily injury or property damage. The first covers bodily injuries or death if you are responsible for causing an accident, while the latter covers the damage your car inflicts on another person’s property.