Post Repair Inspection

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert performs post-repair inspections of vehicles that have sustained damage and already undergone corrective repairs. Undoubtedly, the most valuable of all the services we provide is the post-repair inspection. This inspection ensures that the repairs needed to be done were in fact completed and that those that were done, were done properly.

We have people that want to make a quick buck and they don’t have the best interest of the consumer in mind,” says Kathleen Hamilton of California’s Bureau of Auto Repair. According to the Bureau, an astounding 40 percent of body-shop work is fraudulent.

Improperly diagnosed and under-repaired vehicles may prevent your vehicle from reacting as originally engineered and intended by the manufacturer. These failures may cause problems with deployment of the safety restraint systems and be a cause for significant injuries.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert – Your Advocate for You and Your Damaged Vehicle.

Our Post Repair Inspection Report includes:

  • Analyze the insurance and/or the repair facility estimate of record
  • Qualified expert physical comprehensive inspection of the subject vehicle
  • Photographic evidence of any improper repairs or remaining damage.
  • Inspection and measurement of paintwork to confirm the proper match of existing color and texture
  • Buffing or Polishing review to confirm gloss of repaired area to all adjacent panels
  • View residue has been cleaned and removed
  • Narrative report outlining the improper repairs and remaining damage
  • Completed “Notice Of Deficiency” for you to present to the insurance company outlying omitted items and procedures.
  • Suggested letters to responsible repair facility about defects highlighted in Post Repair Inspection report

The vehicles today are rolling computers that incorporate sensors and modules to control almost every operation of the vehicle. The computers modules are connected to and monitor the unitized body and frame (unibody). Unibody frame rails protect the occupants in the event of a collision. The unibody frame rails also play a vital role in the deployment of safety restraints systems (airbags). When a vehicle is damaged, it is imperative that these structural pieces be properly replaced. If repair is improper any weakened unibody structure can change the reactive performance of the safety systems of the vehicle.

Diminished Value California has only independent unbiased vehicle damage appraisers and inspectors that specialize in vehicle-diminished value, total loss vehicle assessments, pre-purchase inspections & post collision repair inspections.

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Diminished Value Report

  • Analyze the insurance and/or the repair facility estimate of record
  • Review submitted photographs of damage
  • Establish the level of loss in value. 
  • Analysis of Value of Vehicle based on standard condition.
  • Discounted Diminished Value Appraisal Report

* Not available for exotic or luxury, or other speciality classified vehicles. ( contact us for details )

**This service DOES NOT include any inspection of the vehicle or repairs**