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Expert Consult Package Repair to Final Inspection

  • Inspect at repair facility to confirm factory repair or replacement standards. Obtain printed evidence and or documents.
  • Perform visual and measured inspection of the vehicle to determine the extent of damage.
  • Access inspection panels for evaluation and evidence of kinetic damage caused from the impact.
  • Detailed inspection for suspension damage caused by the¬†accident.
  • Inspect for evidence of structure damage and repair correction.
  • Full review and detailed inspection of your repair invoice and other documents provided.
  • Photographs of damage and repair process
  • Additional inspection During Repairs
  • Notice of Deficiency presented shop and Insurance Company
  • Final Inspection after Completed Repairs
  • Determine the level of repair diminished value.
  • Determine the pre-damage value of your vehicle.
  • Professional Diminished Value Appraisal Report