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Expert Consult Package Repair to Final Inspection

  • Inspect at repair facility to confirm factory repair or replacement standards. Obtain printed evidence and or documents.
  • Perform visual and measured inspection of the vehicle to determine the extent of damage.
  • Access inspection panels for evaluation and evidence of kinetic damage caused from the impact.
  • Detailed inspection for suspension damage caused by the accident.
  • Inspect for evidence of structure damage and repair correction.
  • Full review and detailed inspection of your repair invoice and other documents provided.
  • Photographs of damage and repair process
  • Additional inspection During Repairs
  • Notice of Deficiency presented shop and Insurance Company
  • Final Inspection after Completed Repairs
  • Determine the level of repair diminished value.
  • Determine the pre-damage value of your vehicle.
  • Professional Diminished Value Appraisal Report

Post Repair Inspection

  • Analyze the Estimate
  • Inspect the Vehicle
  • Photograph improper repairs or remaining damage
  • Inspect Paint work for proper color match and consistent texture
  • Narrative Report Outlining remaining issues
  • “Notice of Deficiency” report for you to present to the Insurance Company

Total Loss Evaluation


Our Total Loss Evaluation inspection will document the vehicles local market value to give you an unbiased professionally written report.  It will confirm if the insurance company’s offer is reasonable or not.  Once confirmed the offer is not reasonable, we will assist you in negotiating a proper settlement of your insurance claim.

  • Review and Evaluate Insurance Company Total Loss Evaluation
  • Prepare Total Loss Evaluation
  • Contact Listed Dealers to Confirm Price and Availability of Listed Vehicle.
  • Assist you in establishing a true value for subject vehicle
  • Mileage & Travel Charges Apply

Travel Time

  • Rate is Hourly
  • Mileage Charges Apply
  • Round Trip Travel to Requested Assignment