Total Loss Claim Process

You’ve had an accident and you are looking at a total loss claim?

Diminished Value can walk you through the total loss claim process.

Don’t face this alone, let experienced professionals ensure you get what you are owed! The insurance company first must deem your vehicle a total loss once that happens they will offer a settlement. It would be a good idea to know what fair value for your vehicle is before agree to a settlement. Some insurance companies make an offer of way below fair market value.

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There are many things to consider to factor its true market value. Things that are taken into consideration are;

  • Mileage
  • Make
  • Year
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Options package

Even the state you live in is considered. High end vehicles especially need a diminished value appraiser to provide an expert opinion on the market value in your specific location.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert –Total Loss Claims Process Experts

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We provide a complete and comprehensive evaluation that includes:

  • Review the insurances total loss settlement offer from your insurance company.
  • Contact dealers to confirm listed price and availability
  • A detailed, in person inspection of the vehicle within 50 miles of Los Gatos, CA (Additional fee over 50 miles)
  • Review report based on software used (CCC, ADP or Mitchell).
  • Help you establish a true market value for subject vehicle.
  • Additional fees will apply if service is required to inspect comparable vehicle.
  • Physical inspection as well as photos to prove condition and value.
  • Consultation with your attorney or insurance claims adjuster.

Our inspection team will document the vehicles overall condition and analyze your fair market value and give you an unbiased professionally written report. This report will confirm if your insurance company has made a fair market settlement offer or no. Once it has been confirmed the settlement offer is not reasonable we will help you in negotiating a more appropriate settlement of your claim.