Total Loss Claim

The Dirty Little Secret in Total Loss Claims

Believe it or not, the insurance agency and auto body shop inspecting your vehicle are often working together.

The agent serves the up lead, while the body shop gives an estimate to the exact liking of the insurer. Right in front of your face they can play good cop / bad cop all day long.

Unless you’ve been in the industry for decades like us, you’ll never recognize the game.

Diminished Value Appraisers

And now you say, “if that’s the case, what can I do?”

Partner with us to make sure the total loss claim is in your best interest!


At  Diminished Value of California, we represent you and Expert for you!

We are your secret weapon against any total loss claim injustice, or poor repair work.


total loss diminished value

Our core service is evaluating the total loss claim on your vehicle to make sure the body shop and the insurance agency claims are accurate.

We also serve as an expert witnesses in legal cases with authoritative evaluations of your vehicle’s true value.

For over 30 years we have evaluated collision body shops as certified repair experts. As a trusted resource, our credentials can help you avoid legal battles all together.

When Should You Dispute the Total Loss Claim?

Sadly, we have found that the majority of repair facilities are not restoring customer vehicles to pre-accident standards.

When insurance agencies make sub-par repair offers, body shops are left to purchase sub-par parts. These shortcuts can cause diminished value and safety issues.

To determine, if a total loss claim is in your best interest, you can follow the suggestions of your insurance agent and collision shop.