Total Loss Evaluation


When your vehicle is deemed a total loss by your insurance company, you may want to be sure they are paying you the fair value before you agree on a settlement. Some insurance companies may offer you a much lower amount than what they should be paying for the fair market value.


Your vehicles value takes into consideration many factors to determine it’s true market value. When determining the valuation it will include, the make, model, mileage, condition, options package and even the state you reside. Higher value luxury vehicles especially need a diminished value appraiser to provide an expert opinion of the market value in your specific location.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert – Expert Loss Settlement

Your Total Loss Evaluation Includes:

  • Review and evaluate insurance total loss settlement offer from your insurance company.
  • Prepare professional Diminished Value California total loss evaluation.
  • Contact listed auto dealers to confirm listed price and availability of listed vehicle.
  • Comprehensive comparative valuation. The inspection of vehicle can be added to the report at an additional fee.
  • Obtain report based on software used (ADP, CCC or Mitchell).
  • Assist you in establishing a true value for subject vehicle.
  • If service is required to inspect comparable vehicles additional fees will apply.
  • Contact the insurance appraiser to discuss reports.


Our Total Loss Evaluation inspection will document the vehicles overall condition and analyze your local market value to give you an unbiased professionally written report. It will confirm if the insurance company’s offer is reasonable or not. Once confirmed the offer is not reasonable, we will assist you in negotiating a proper settlement of your insurance claim.


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