total loss assessment

If you have a total loss, are you getting all of your money?

Before you settle with the insurance company you may want to make sure they are paying you a fair amount for your vehicle.  You may be offered much less than you should be paid for the fair market value. There are many factors to take into consideration when determining your vehicles true market value. Determining the valuation will include the make, model, mileage, condition, options package and even the state you live in.  If you own a luxury vehicle it is very important to have a diminished value appraiser to make sure you get an expert opinion of the market value.  They are able to take all of the variables into consideration based on your vehicle and where you live.

Eric Meyer Automotive Expert -Expert Total Loss Settlement

The total loss evaluation includes:

  • Prepare professional Diminished Value California  evaluation
  • Review and evaluate insurance total loss settlement offer from you insurance
  • Contact listed auto dealer to confirm listed price and availability of vehicle.
  • Comprehensive, in person inspection of vehicle
  • Physical inspection of vehicle with photo proof of value and condition
  • Preliminary consultation with your attorney or insurance claims adjuster
  • Obtain report based on software used (ADP,CCC or Mitchell).
  • Assist in establishing a true value of vehicle
  • If service is required to inspect comparable vehicles additional fees will apply.


Our total loss evaluation inspection will document the overall condition of the vehicle and analyze the local market value.  This will give you an unbiased professionally written report. It will confirm if the insurance company’s offer is reasonable or not.

If it is confirmed the offer is not reasonable, we will assist in negotiating a proper total loss settlement of your claim.

Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert get you the fair market value of your vehicle today!

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