What is a Wreck Check Car Scan?

Wreck check car scan centers works hard educating consumers of their rights before, during and after the collision repair process.

Serving northern California, all wreck check car scans are preformed by professional diminished value experts. You will receive a complete wreck check car scan that can be submitted to your insurance company or your attorney to ensure you are 100% restored!

Wreck check car scan centers is committed to consumer protection through post collision vehicle inspections!  Providing consumers with value added services such as diminished value assessments, Pre and Post purchase inspections, collision monitoring, total loss and appraisal process assistance and car scans.

Wreck Check Car Scan can determine Diminished Value.

Diminished value is the economic loss in a vehicle due to an unexpected accident.

Diminished value to your vehicle can occur due to repair related diminished value, inherent diminished value, claim related diminished value or any combination of the three. Improper repairs to your vehicle will effect the functionality, appearance and safety of your vehicle.

Improper repairs will cause the safety features that are designed and built into the the car by the manufacture not to respond properly in a collision.

Additionally improper alignment of the frame or uni-body will cause abnormal and premature suspension and tire wear.

09 Altima - wreck check of california
09 Altima - wreck check of california

Wreck Check Car Scan can help if you feel your vehicle was improperly repaired.

Click here to learn more about improper auto repairs and the associated dangers.

We offer post repair inspections that will assist the consumer with identifying any remaining damage that will effect the functionality, safety, appearance and value of their vehicle.