We are a Wreck Check Car Scan Center!

A wreck check is a list to be used to inspect a vehicle after repairs have been completed by the body shop. This is a comprehensive list that is included in a report that can be submitted to the insurance company and notify them of any repair issues.

Wreck Check Car Scan Centers have the tools and equipment to thoroughly inspect all repairs on any vehicle to ensure the vehicle has been repaired properly.

They not only inspect for proper repairs, but the quality and safety to make sure the structure of the vehicle is safe after the shop as competed the work. Get the piece of mind you deserve by getting a Wreck Check done on your vehicle.

We offer several different services including a quick desk review of the estimate and final bill of what was used during the repair process.

The best decision you can make is to have a Wreck Check performed after your vehicle has been repaired. You get the comfort of knowing it was done properly and you will be given the documents to get the issues resolved with your insurance company.

Loss of Value Claim
diminished value

The safety of you and your family are dependent on proper repairs being completed by following the manufacturer guidelines. With a Wreck Check, we ensure both have been done and help you recuperate any lost equity that your vehicle has experienced.

Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert help you!

We offer a wide range of services including Collision Monitoring to help you through the whole repair, Expert Consult Package Repair after a repair to Final Inspection and Expert Witness.

Your insurance company owes the amount required to put your vehicle back to pre-loss condition. Repairing your vehicle is just one step in the process. You may still be owed money if your vehicle is worth less to re-sell than it was before the loss.

Let Eric Meyer Automotive Expert help you get everything that is owed to you after an automobile accident caused by another driver.